We offer a new and easier way to maintain your vehicle: By providing automotive mobile services at your home, office, or anywhere in between, you can continue with your daily schedule without managing the logistics of a trip to the shop.

STEM Automotive provides mobile automotive services that save you time and money.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics are fundamentals to understand how modern vehicles operate.

This is why your STEM engineer is not just trained to turn a wrench, but also educated to understand the complex electro-mechanical control systems under your hood.


Integrity is our number one concern for the current automotive repair industry. STEM offers transparency and honesty that will far exceed what you have come to expect from traditional repair shops. If we can’t provide a service, we’ll recommend someone who can.

STEM Automotive offers a better way.

STEM Automotive doesn’t just try to be more affordable, more convenient, more trustworthy, with more quality than the competition. However, we redesign the automotive service business model with our customers as the focus. The result is a service that is better in every way.